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Retail DecisionCloud uses advanced AI and your transactions data to help you make better and faster decisions for your business. Learn more about how it’s done.


How It Works

Most retailers agree that promotions are important for their business, but also that they are difficult to plan, evaluate and improve. At Formulate we develop Retail DecisionCloud, a solution that is based on years of research and state-of-the-art machine learning. It gives you the impact from your historical campaigns, lets you simulate the impact of future campaigns and make a range of complex merchandising decisions faster and more well informed.



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Our well-documented API connects and fuses data from multiple sources into our environment which is optimised for analytics. Forget about complex integrations or costly on premise installations - we've solved that bit!


State-of-the-art Machine Learning

When the data has been imported via our API, it’s freed from the restrictions of retail’s legacy systems. Our cloud-based solution contains analysis workflows, algorithms, database structures, security and monitoring processes optimised for one purpose; to generate insights that helps you make better promotion decisions faster.


Retail DecisionCloud

In Formulate's easy-to-use web app, you can see how last week's campaigns performed, understand what price tactic, feature and display that works best but also simulate and predict the impact of future campaigns.




With Evaluate you are provided the opportunity to review one-dimensional metrics such as incremental sales and volume up-lift as well as cross-dimensional metrics such as stockpiling, cannibalisation and halo effects. Evaluate provides you with a true overview of you historical promotion performance and you get to learn what works well, and what does not.



With Simulate you are able to input the specifics of a future promotion and forecast its performance. Choose a preferred campaign length, in what store, for what category and what product and combine it with a desired price tactic, feature and display. In doing so, Simulate will provide you with a relative ranking as well as an absolute profit.


“Retail DecisionCloud helps us create more profitable campaigns. It's incredibly powerful.”

Eric Lundberg, Chief Marketing Officer Apoteket


Power the True Effect

Reach the next level in of campaign management with the help of an AI-solution which has been developed specifically for retail. We look forward to talking more about you business needs, and how we can help!

Inkramentell försäljning: Försäljningslyftet som kampanjen genererar utöver normalförsäljningen.  Switching: Den del av kampanjlyftet som stjäls från liknande produkter.  Bunkring: Effekten på ordinarie försäljningen före och efter kampanjen.  Halo: Den merförsäljning som skapas av kampanjen.  TrueLift Försäljning: Det verkliga försäljningslyftet från kampanjen.  Produktkostnad: Den kostnad produkterna inom kampanjerna bär.  Kampanjbidrag: Den finansiering leverantören bidrar med till en kampanj.  TrueLift Vinst: Det verkligt vinstslyftet från kampanjen.

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