Retail Decision cloud

Detects and analyses the performance all your promotion campaigns with AI and your existing data. Provides actionable insights that helps you make better campaigns.

Retail DecisionCloud helps us make more profitable campaigns. It’s really powerful.
— Eric Lundberg, CMO Apoteket

Automatic profitability analysis

40% of all retail campaigns are unprofitable > Retail DecisonCloud uses advance AI to detect and analyse the True™️ profit and sales uplift from all your campaigns. Read more


Find the best campaign tactics

Creating a campaign involves a lot of complex choices > Retail DecisionCloud helps you learn from past campaigns and see clearly which price, display, tactic, feature and product combination that drives volume, sales and profit uplift.
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Grow the customer basket

Strong campaigns expand the customer basket > Retail DecisionCloud let’s you see which products and brands that just steal sales from other products, and which ones that really grow your customer baskets. Read more


More features

‣ Flexible Reports & Analysis > See how your campaigns perform across stores, regions, customer segments.

Save tons of time > Automate all manual work related to campaign analysis.


How to use Formulate’s solution

Use Retail DecisionCloud to discover which promotion you should stop, on which new initiative to spend the freed-up resources, and understand how to improve existing campaigns by fine tuning price, display, media, and tactic.