We are hiring - Data engineer/scientist

Data engineer/scientist

Data science 👾 – Stockholm

We are looking for a new member to join our data engineering and scientist team who

  • Has a passion for developing performant stream processing applications and experience from orchestrating batch processing too
  • Is interested in the art and science of picking the right data structures
  • Can write a SQL query in their sleep; knowledgable in a bit of both of traditional relational row-oriented databases such as Postgres but also columnar databases such as ClickHouse; has a good understanding of in-memory/on disk formats such as Arrow and Parquet
  • Has written one, two or three microservices and learned a bit about the dos and don'ts
  • Is no stranger to math and has experience from or experimented with machine learning and statistics and would not mind being part of designing an ml/stats-backed application that can pump out insights and predictions at a high pace
  • Wants to be yet another catalyst in a team that loves a bit of challenge and fun :) 
  • At Formulate we do all of this + more! 

We are mainly a Go shop, and leverage tech such as Apache Kafka, ClickHouse, Postgres, gRPC, Kubernetes. 

Sounds interesting? Let's talk!

Arvid Stenback Lund