Reitan Convenience Sweden teams up with AI promotions specialists, Formulate

Thom Iddon-Escalante

Head of Marketing

“We want to become more data driven and attract new customers to our stores”

Reitan Convenience Sweden, the parent company of 7-ELEVEN and Pressbyrån, has chosen Formulate for promotion analytics.

Since the pandemic started driving workers away from city centres, urban convenience retail has faced an unprecedented challenge. Now, as vaccination efforts promise a return to normality, Sweden’s largest and most innovative convenience retailer has signalled its commitment to new technologies by partnering with leading AI promotions analytics provider, Formulate. 

“Formulate will better help us understand our customers and attract new ones”, states Marketing & Purchasing Director, Annamaria Carnemark. “Formulate’s insights will support us in setting better targets and ensuring our stores are more successful”.

Reitan has opted for 3 Formulate modules: Evaluate, to analyse historical promotions; Nominate, to identify promising promotions; and Optimate, to set optimal pricing.

Formulate CEO Andreas Willgert added: “Reitan is a giant of European convenience retail and a true leader in innovation and sustainability. We’re excited about how Formulate can help Reitan run more efficient, desirable and profitable promotions.”

Learn more about Formulate’s promotions software here.

Formulate is a Stockholm-based retail analytics start-up specialised in promotion optimisation

Reitan Convenience Sweden is the parent company of 7-ELEVEN and Pressbyrån. The Reitan Group operates in 7 countries, has a combined turnover of NOK 15.4 billion, and aspires to be Europe's most profitable and fastest growing convenience chain.

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