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Hi Fredrik! Thanks for sitting down with me today. 

You’ve been with Formulate for 4 months. How are you enjoying it so far?

It’s been a lot of fun. It’s a steep learning curve getting on top of our offering and understanding how grocery and pharmacy retailers think from a commercial planning perspective. But that’s my kind of challenge!

Then, of course, the pandemic has impacted social social interaction with my new colleagues, but I’ve been made to feel very welcome. We collaborate a lot via Zoom and Slack.

I’m really pleased to hear that. Can you tell me a bit about your role and why you chose it?

Sure! I’m an Account Executive in our Growth Team. Sales has always been close to my heart ever since I drove an ice cream truck while at university during the late 90s.

So you’re telling me you transitioned from “soft-serve-as-a-service” to “software-as-a-service”?

hmm ...

OK. I’ll move on. What attracted you to Formulate specifically?

I’m a big fan of scalable SaaS solutions. After 20+ years in large software sales organisations, Formulate’s scale-up spirit and vibe was too hard to resist. I simply had to join the carnival. This is going to get big!

I’m with you there! All aboard! Tell me, what is it about technology sales that’s so appealing to you?

I’m a naturally curious person. I love to see how things work behind the scenes, both internally and within customer organisations. And I really enjoy being able to help customers get to the next level and move boundaries by combining these learnings with the latest technology.

I can see the attraction in that. How would you compare working for multinationals like Oracle and Adobe with working for future multinationals like Formulate?

Wow, there are a lot of differences. The first thing that comes to mind is the agility of a start-up. You can come up with an idea in the morning, then start implementing it after lunch.It’s also nice to be more involved in the decision process of the company.

Makes a lot of sense. Speaking of implementing ideas. What are you working on right now?

Right now I’m focusing on how to scale up the lead generation process at Formulate to find the best way of reaching our goals. I think that my experience in large sales organisations is an asset to Formulate as we scale.

We’re grateful for that! What are you most looking forward to?

I’m a salesman. Closing my first large contract of course! :)

🚀 🚀 🚀 

So, besides closing large deals, what do you do for fun?

I go boating with (or without) my family in the Stockholm archipelago. It gives me a sense of freedom and I love speed.

Nice! Any archipelago hotspots you’re willing to share with the internet? 

Grinda with a portable BBQ is a must.

Oh wow. Looks amazing. And finally, do you have any fun side projects you’re working on you’d like to share?

I’m coaching a group of youths with special needs at Sollentuna Golfklubb’s paragolf section. As a father to a son with autism, this gives me the opportunity to show him and others with similar needs the world of golf.

That’s a really worthy cause to be involved with. Thank you so much for sharing.

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