Plantagen brings in AI specialists Formulate

Thom Iddon-Escalante

Marketing Director

“We want to stay relevant to customers and run better promotions”

Plantagen, Scandinavia’s largest garden centre, has chosen Formulate for promotion analytics.

As consumers spend more time at home due to coronavirus, they are investing more in their homes, inside and out. This is reflected in Plantagen’s sales, which in Q2 increased by 25 percent on the same period last year.

Now Plantagen wants to focus on staying relevant to customers by improving communication and running better promotions.

“Formulate challenges our view of things and forces us to re-evaluate our previous positions”, states Group FP&A Manager Emil Rönnbäck. “We’re bringing in Formulate’s promotions analytics software to better evaluate past promotions and develop stronger promotions going forward”.

Regarding the contract, Formulate CEO Andreas Willgert said: “this really shows that interest in AI and scalable promotion analytics is growing. We’re looking forward to a great collaboration and we’re thrilled to be part of Plantagen’s exciting journey ahead.”  

Andreas Willgert | +46 73 696 73 97 |

Formulate is a Stockholm-based retail analytics start-up specialised in promotion optimisation

Plantagen is a Nordic gardening centre chain with 120 stores in Norway, Sweden and Finland

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