Bringing best-in-class analytics to retailers across Africa

Thom Iddon-Escalante

Marketing Director

Date: May 2021

Retail AI specialists, Formulate, and global IT solutions provider, NEC XON Retail Solutions (Pty) Ltd., have entered into an agreement to provide best-in-class analytics to retailers across Africa.

Formulate provides cutting-edge retail analytics software for promotion evaluation and sales forecasting. NEC XON Retail Solutions (Pty) Ltd. is trusted throughout the region for providing highly performant solutions that optimise retail businesses

Regarding the agreement, Formulate CEO Andreas Willgert said: “Teaming up with NEC XON Retail Solutions (Pty) Ltd. to engage in commercial activity across Africa is an exciting development for our company and it will enable us to grow faster and scale internationally.

About NEC XON Retail Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

NEC XON Retail Solutions (Pty) Ltd is headquartered in Gauteng, South Africa and operates in 16 sub-Saharan nations.

About Formulate

Formulate is a Stockholm-based retail analytics technology company that specialties in promotion and forecasting optimisation.

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