We are very happy to have been recognized as one of the top 10 artificial intelligence solution providers in Europe. Read more about it here and see the full list here.

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New Technology for Classic Business Problems

We believe strongly that AI should not be used exclusively for new challenges such as face recognition, virtual personal assistants, and recommendation engines for TV streaming services. It should be put to use in solving classic business challenges too.



Inhuman Complexity

Retail Promotions are incredibly complex. The possible impact of price tactic, feature and display in combination with product cannibalization, stockpiling and halo effects makes it literally inhuman to get a true overview of the performance.

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Improved Decision Making

With Retail DecisionCloud, you get an AI solution that leverages ordinary receipt data for continuous analysis and improvement of past, present and future promotions. We cannot guarantee that you will never use Excel or do a Vlookup again, but we promise you that you will do less of it. Our solution is designed to give you well-deserved and necessary insights faster than you can say pivot table.


Subscription based model

It is not reasonable for every retailer to build the infrastructure, workflows, algorithms, ML-models, interfaces and everything else that is needed in order to apply AI for daily promotional work. We have solved all of these issues for you with Retail DecisionCloud, accessible to you through a tailored subscription plan.

Getting AI into your business is however a major strategic choice, read more in our white paper outlining wether you should build, buy or subscribe!


“Retail DecisionCloud helps us verify, or reject, our gut feeling”

Jonatan Tullberg, Commercial Director Coop


TrueLift for all your campaigns

Retail DecisionCloud gives you the real sales and profit lift from your in-store and online promotions. Our technology combines scalable machine learning and years of retail research applied on your standard POS data.

With our solution you can easily share insights within the organisation and collaborate more effectively with your suppliers. It gives you a clear picture of what is best for the business and helps you make better decisions faster.

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Resource Library

Formulate has deep in-house expertise using AI to solve business problems. We’ve learned a lot about the barriers preventing retailers from applying AI to their promotion analytics. Read about our thoughts and ideas!


Buy, build or subscribe?

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