Take control of your promotions

Retailers use our AI to create stores online and offline that customers love. Combine it with your transaction data – and it will help your create better promotions, predict demand and improve your assortment. All those small things that makes customers want to visit your stores over and over again.


Some of our clients

 Coop Sverige

Coop Sverige

 Apoteket AB

Apoteket AB


More than 40% of your promotions hurt your profit! Do you want to find out which promotions that are working? And how much you should discount your products? Then you should try Retail DecisonCloud.

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What we offer

Retail DecisionCloud

Formulate DecisionCloud gives you the facts, forecasts and recommendations you need to make more profitable promotions with your team and your suppliers.


See the True Lift™ from your promotions and understand which ones you should continue and which ones you should stop.


Make accurate campaign forecasts of your campaign volume and profit in real time. And create campaign plans for thousands of products.


Show your suppliers how they can improve their campaign performance, share data and set commons goals.


Understand how much you should promote different products and which offerings and marketing actions work best for specific categories.


What you can expect


+20-40% higher promotion profit

Increase the profit from your promotions by eliminating under-performing campaigns, optimizing offerings and finding promotions that grows the customer basket.


+3-5% more vendor funding

Get hard facts and easily share data with your suppliers so you can both grow your business together.


Limit stock-outs & overstock

Avoid stock-outs and over
stock with accurate forecasting
of promotions volumes


for you

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Science – based on years of marketing research


Machine learning – we use state-of-art analytical models that are powerful and fast


Smooth set-up – thanks to plugins to your e-commerce platform and clever APIs 

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Full automation – we do all the data wrangling and analysis for you.


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